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Siberian larch is very resinous and extremely hard wearing, making it one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world. Siberian Larch Clading – SLD Profile makes excellent cladding for both residential and commercial projects.

Siberian larch benefits from impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance and high manufacturing standards. Siberian Larch has a natural resistance to decay. Siberian larch cladding doesn’t need extra treatment and can be installed in its natural state.

This Profile is reversible due to it being Smooth on both sides with eased corners. SLD Cladding Profile cutting angle – 15°. Siberian Larch is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Siberian Larch Cladding is a good choice for a wide range of projects from large-scale construction to small self-builds. It is popular with architects and construction companies alike due to its aesthetic beauty, durability and longevity. Siberian Larch Cladding has been specified for residential and commercial applications—including schools, shops and sports facilities.

Dimensions (mm) Quality Class Lengths
20 x 68 / 95 mm
27 x 68 / 95 / 120 mm
2 to 6m
2 to 6m

Siberian Larch Cladding – SLD Profile

Siberian Larch is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Top quality timber is in great demand for building yachts and other small boats, for exterior cladding of buildings, and interior paneling. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground, and is suitable for use as posts and in fencing.

Siberian larch is often a very popular timber cladding choice for its appearance. It is regarded as having a very desired finish and provides beautiful colouring and texture. The shapes and patterns of the growth rings are very aesthetically pleasing and provide real character to each cladding panel. Siberian larch will often start life as pale yellow/golden brown in colour but weathers to striking silvery grey colours, although treatment and staining can change this.

Due to this durability, it is a wood that isn’t as vulnerable to knocks, scrapes and scratches as other woods. This is an important aspect for Siberian larch exterior cladding. Siberian larch can be sawn and machined well, making it a practical and efficient choice of timber for building projects.

Technical Specifications

Type of wood: Siberian Larch
Quality class: AB, C
Purpose: Exterior use
Dimensions (mm): 20 x 68 / 95 mm
27 x 68 / 95 / 120 mm
Cutting angle: 15°
Origin: Siberia from sustainable forests
Moisture: Dried to approx. 16 – 18 %
Appearance The wood is a golden yellow colour with a strong grain pattern, similar to pine. Depending on the grade, the boards may include some, or many, dark knots.
Insect attack Resistant
Resistance to impact High
Fire treatment Possible by impregnation
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